Supporting Career Development

RemSoc is keen to support/promote its members to obtain appropriate status or accreditation with professional and other organisations (eg. ICE, IChemE, GeolSoc, RSC, CIWEM to name a few). RemSoc has established connection with a range of appropriate organisations and explored how the Society can support its members to gain recognition of their skills and expertise.  A summary of  institutions available to Remediation Practitioners can be accessed using the link below.

Remsoc Review of Institutions 2018


RemSoc isproud to be able to provide a mentoring and coaching network to its members. Whatever route you are looking to explore, if you would like advice, support or guidance about your career development please get in touch through info@remsoc.org and we will look to connect you with a mentor.  Similarly, if you are chartered and would be interested in coaching and mentoring please get in touch!

2018 Career Development Survey

In 2018 RmSoc conducted a career development survey across the membership. The survey received 74 responses from members with a broad range of backgrounds and levels of experience. The majority of respondents felt that chartership was valued by employers and as recognition of experience within remediation (although not many employers offered financial reward for gaining chartership). There was a mixed response on the levels of satisfaction with support offered by the various institutions to remediation practitioners indicating room for improvement here.

Employers are acknowledged as supporting career development and recognising chartership for advancing careers. However, the methods of tracking career development and levels of training varied significantly across organisations. Many respondents (>70%) were also unaware whether the National Brownfield Skills Framework (NBSF) would be useful or not.