Framework for Remediation

The development of a framework for the design, implementation, optimisation and verification of remediation works represents one of the original RemSoc objectives. The requirement for such a framework was one of the key reasons for the establishment of our Society.  We are therefore very pleased to have reached the point at which we can release this ‘Practitioners Framework for Remediation’.

The Framework should not be considered exhaustive.  The Framework is “live” and will be updated through addition or deletion over time by the membership of the society.  As such, the Framework can never be considered “complete” or to form a prescriptive guide, nor can it in any way replace the expertise or experience of a remediation practitioner.

Please take a moment to read the guidance document and compare the two versions of the framework.

We have taken the decision to make the framework accessible to all to encourage its use and application.  As always, we would appreciate your ongoing feedback in order to ensure that future updates further strengthen the tool, reinforce its applicability, and adapt to the changing needs of our industry.

A Practitioners Framework for Remediation Issue 1.01

RemSoc Framework Basic Version 1.01

RemSoc Framework Risk Register Version 1.01