Facilitating Training

We will be mothballing the Career Development Working Group that was led by George Evans and replacing it with a new working group to develop a “neutral” overview and resource of training that is available either through professional organisations and companies covering anything from safety compliance, laboratory analysis, field testing through to remediation technologies.  If you are interested in supporting this Working Group then please get in touch via info@remsoc.org

UK Remediation Training Survey

RemSoc is interested in evaluating both the current offerings for continuous professional development within the UK and the appetite of our membership and the businesses for whom they work for such training provisions.  Our emphasis for the moment is on short courses of a few hours to 2, 3 or more days, online or classroom based.  The primary emphasis is, of course, training relevant to Remediation Practitioners and, where possible, suitable accreditation / endorsements from relevant institutes.

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RemSoc Training Options Register

A spreadsheet has been prepared by the working group that collates information on a variety of training courses that are available and relevant to remediation practitioners. The spreadsheet can be used by members to identify potential sources of training across a wide range of relevant topics, covering both free to access and pay to access training. However, please keep in mind that RemSoc has not vetted the training courses in any way and they are not endorsed by the Society. The spreadsheet is now available through the link below.

REMSOC Training Options Register

Many thanks to all of the volunteers that have helped to support this working group over the last few months – we couldn’t have got this far without you!