CL:AIRE publishes updated SuRF-UK Sustainable Management Practices guidance

CL:AIRE has just published SuRF-UK’s updated Sustainable Management Practices (SMP) guidance, bringing this 2021 version in line with Environment Agency Land Contamination Risk Management (LCRM) regulatory guidance. SuRF-UK defines SMPs as “relatively simple, common sense actions that can be implemented at any stage in a land contamination management project to improve its environmental, social and/or economic performance”.

The SMP guidance describes a process to encourage sustainable thinking, decision making and action across all land contamination management activities by using SMPs. It is supported by a SMP spreadsheet template which can be used to identify, record and evaluate the SMPs for a specific project or portfolio of projects. As a starter, SuRF-UK has already mapped 183 SMPs for practitioners to choose from. The report, spreadsheet and printable SMPs are available to download free here.