Career Development Survey – The Results

Thank you to all members who completed our recent career development survey. The survey received 74 responses from members with a broad range of backgrounds and levels of experience. The majority of respondents felt that chartership was valued by employers and as recognition of experience within remediation (although not many employers offered financial reward for gaining chartership). There was a mixed response on the levels of satisfaction with support offered by the various institutions to remediation practitioners indicating room for improvement here.

Employers are acknowledged as supporting career development and recognising chartership for advancing careers. However, the methods of tracking career development and levels of training varied significantly across organisations. Many respondents (>70%) were also unaware whether the National Brownfield Skills Framework (NBSF) would be useful or not.

Eighteen chartered members said they would be available for mentoring and coaching other Remsoc members that are seeking chartership. Unfortunately only 10 of these left names. If you are chartered and would be interested in coaching and mentoring please forward your details to info@remsoc.org.

Next Steps

As a starting point, the career development group will feed the results of the survey through to the Geological Society, Institute of Civil Engineers, Institution of Environmental Science and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management with a view to enhancing access/information for remediation practitioners. If you feel that we should contact any other key organisation then please let us know.

We also intend to create a virtual wall/signposting on the RemSoc website highlighting the options available for chartership and members available to help. We are also in contact with other key industry bodies to review/update the NBSF and explore how we can improve its use for remediation practitioners.