REMEDIATE Conference 2018


REMEDIATE will host an international conference at Riddel Hall, Queen’s University Belfast, to explore how we can improve the remediation and management of contaminated land.

In addition to research that advances our understanding of the consequences of contamination and how to resolve these problems, we would like to provide a platform for demonstrations of best practice in this sector by those working in the field.

Anyone interested in presenting either research findings or case studies are invited to submit an abstract (Call for Abstracts).

Update: We are pleased to announce that the conference will be accompanied by a Virtual Special Issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN). Applicants whose abstracts are accepted for the conference will be invited to submit their research manuscripts for inclusion in the issue Remediation and land management: research meets practice.

The 2 day programme will comprise presentations from researchers and industry experts, with networking opportunities, and industry led workshops, covering the following topics:

Contaminated Land Biology

  • Ecology of contaminated sites
  • Omics approaches
  • Characterisation of microbiomes
  • Bioremediation applications using plants or microorganisms

Site Modelling, Risk Assessment, and Risk Communication

  • Conceptual site modelling
  • Ecotoxicological assessment
  • Bioavailability/bioaccessibility
  • Site-specific risk assessments (including human health risks)

Chemical Analysis, Monitoring, and Prediction

  • Chemical analysis of contamination and degradation pathways
  • Identification of contamination sources
  • In situ monitoring
  • Modelling and contamination profiling

Advances in Land Management and Resource Recovery

  • Applications of the circular economy concept
  • Landfill mining
  • Sustainability of land management
  • Resource recovery applications

For further information or to register your interest in the conference, email the REMEDIATE team: remediate@qub.ac.uk

Funded by the European Union, the REMEDIATE Marie Curie ITN is a collaboration between beneficiaries hosting post-graduate students in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and Italy

Learn more about the REMEDIATE project here