Help needed for the CL:AIRE Training Material Working Group

Volunteers Needed!

As set out in our last newsletter, RemSoc have been invited to support CL:AIRE in reviewing and refreshing their training library on remediation techniques and practices. This aligns well with the objectives of the Society, so we have decided to make this one of our key priorities for 2020 by setting up the CL:AIRE Training Material Working Group. The Working Group has now completed discussions with CL:AIRE and are ready to commence the first stage of this process which comprises a high level review of the existing training material. But to do this we need support from members, particularly those with experience in key techniques and processes. The full list of training courses is available on the CL:AIRE website (https://www.claire.co.uk/eLearning/) but specifically we are looking for support on the soil washing, permeable reactive barriers and chemical oxidation techniques. If you have the time to help support the Society in reviewing the training material for these or any of the CL:AIRE training topics then please get in touch via info@remsoc.co.uk.