Steering Committee Changes

Following the 2019 RemSoc AGM held on 20th November 2019, we can confirm that Mark Stevenson and Quentin Hulm have stepped back from their Office positions as Chair and Treasurer (respectively) of RemSoc, with immediate effect as of the date of the AGM. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark and Quentin for their hard work and leadership in helping to get RemSoc to where it is today! But Mark and Quentin will not be let off so lightly – both will remain as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee in line with our Constitution, to ensure a smooth transition insupport the society’s activities.

We would also like to announce that Richard Clayton has been voted in as the new Chair of the Steering Committee. Peter Fitch has taken on Richard’s former role as Secretary, and Simon Gomm has stepped in as Treasurer. We also have three new members of the Steering Committee: Richard Bewley from Ramboll, Greg Adamson from ALS, and Tom Simpson from Keltbray. Thank you for volunteering your time in support of RemSoc!

The “Steering Committee” page has been updated to reflect these changes, and the Minutes of the 2019 RemSoc AGM have been posted in the Downloads section. Quicklinks are provided below.

Many thanks and enjoy the run up to Christmas!

Meet the Steering Committee
2019 RemSoc AGM Minutes